What are the design customisation options for the salary widget?

There are 5 different widget designs, all of which can easily be customised in your Dashboard to make sure they complement your website. Just go to Widget Setup and click on Customise Widget Design. 

You can change the following: 

  • Colour scheme to match your branding (full colour palette) 
  • Text font (10 options to complement your website)
  • Heading and sub-heading text 
  • Rounded or square corners 

From the Dashboard you can also set up: 

  • Your choice of locations and job roles 
  • Custom questions (How many years experience? Highest level of qualification? etc.)
  • Your choice of currencies 
  • Your choice of pay periods, e.g. annual, weekly, hourly
  • Your own call to action link (to your jobs page for example)